About Us


Our Mission:

Clemons Business Group, LLC exist to assist organizations and its members with specific attention given to quality service.  Integrity serves as a universal component of service to our client. We focus on the needs of our clients to achieve their overall goals and objectives, independently and professionally.  We promote and mentor businesses to help them connect with people and establish professional relationships with others to achieve their goals and objectives.



As the leader for Clemons Business Group, LLC my goal is to target and achieve milestones necessary for the growth of the company. Our mission is to be a rainmaker for other businesses, civic organizations, and individuals. We are positioning ourselves to serve more. As you read further you should see evidence of years of demonstrated  leadership, management and the perfection of valuable skills.

Brack Clemons grew up in Cairo, North Carolina; a small farming community just south of I-74 along the Pee Dee river. He graduated from Bowman high school in 1976 and joined the United States Army as an Infantry man. He was trained in Columbia, South Carolina at Fort Jackson and Columbus, Georgia at Fort Benning before being deployed to Bamberg, Germany for 3 years. His second enlistment, started with training as a military intelligence analyst in Arizona at Fort Huachuca and a sequential assignment to Leesville, Louisiana at Fort Polk. At the conclusion of the proceeding three year assignment there was a short break in his military service.

Upon returning to active military status he was assigned to the US Army Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning Georgia; and later a second assignment in Europe at Berlin, Germany for three years. A third assignment at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia included duties as a Drill Sergeant and Drill Sergeant instructor. In 1992 Brack was assigned to Honolulu, Hawaii at Schofield Barracks for three years where he served as Platoon Sergeant and for a short time as Platoon Leader.

After leaving Hawaii he was assigned back to Columbia, South Carolina at Fort Jackson where he served as an Instructor at the Adjutant General Officer Training School. Brack concluded his military career as First Sergeant at the Reception Battalion, Columbia, South Carolina at Fort Jackson in May, 2002.

After retiring from serving 22 years in the Unites States Army, Brack enrolled at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina and completed an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. He taught six grade math, science, and social studies at Fairfield Intermediate School in Winnsboro, South Carolina. After three years as a classroom teacher he took a position at South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) as a trainer for classroom teachers in the use of technology in the classroom.  Brack left SCETV after three years to fulfill his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Brack is an active member of Brookland Baptist Church and works closely with the church in the community in which he grew up. He is married to Lizzie and has three daughters: Shilenda, Brackita, Zakiya and five grandchildren.


Known for her energetic, passionate idealistic style in communication and engagement; Lizzie has created and cultivated strategic, practical and tactical plans throughout her higher education career.  She has been apart the industry for more than twenty years and in 2002 stepped – away from administration and became an independent contractor with institutions in instruction and design.  She has helped organizational leaders cultivate their vision and design practical solution-driven tactics that has assisted organizations meet their objectives, purpose and provide sustainability amidst critical economic conditions.

Lizzie belief in helping organizations and people is deeply rooted in her family values and personal career experiences and opportunities.  Throughout her career she led a team of more than 115 employees, established a new corporate infrastructure, increased graduate enrollment from 150 to 1100 within a three-year time frame and generated more than $1million in revenue for the institution within a semester.  With a 97% PhD faculty she cultivated relationships that today are unparalleled with respect to curriculum and instruction specifically.  Together, with faculty and an administrative team the institution thrived while maintaining multiple remote operational facilities.

Today, as a consultant, speaker and guest lecturer; Lizzie focus is on helping institutions, governmental entities, corporations and veterans as well as others.  She remains committed to Clemons Business Group, LLC mission and believes in quality – driven research and practices.  She appreciates adding-value to ones goals and objectives for market sustainability both professionally and personally; while maintaining ones integrity.